Easy Listening 2023


April 16, 2023


Piscine Gilbert Bozon, Palais des Sports 37 rue Galpin Thiou, Tours, France

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Sunday, April 16, 12:00

Performance of Titanic by ensemble PTYX, with James Woodrow, Yuri Bryars, Gavin Bryars in town swimming pool…

The Sinking of the Titanic

Pauline Dhuisme · violin Pierre Malle, violin
Anthony Chéneau, viola Camille Gueirard, cello; Pauline Vanagt, bass flute; Antoine Moulin, bass clarinet; Christophe Rostang, trumpet; Erick Pigear, glass harmonica/percussion; Jean-Baptiste Apéré, direction; Alice Diéval, Korg; Alexandre Hulak, sound

plus James Woodrow, electric guitars; Yuri Bryars, bass; Gavin Bryars, keyboard

Gavin Bryars