Estonian National Men’s Choir – Tallinn


February 12, 2023


Tallinn, Estonia kontserdisaal

Gavin Bryars at 80

Second of two concerts (this time in Tallinn) celebrating my work with the great Estonian choir, including settings of sonnets by Edwin Morgan, Laude, and the Double Bass Concerto, (“Farewell to St Petersburg”) which includes a chorus of low basses.

I first performed in Estonia in 2003 with my ensemble and have since worked there several times – with the choir (including the piano concerto); with Peeter Jalakas’ Von Krahl Theatre; with the Estonian Piano Orchestra – and have many friends there including conductor Olari Elts, composers Arvo Pärt and Toivo Tulev.


Part I

Silva Caledonia

The Summons

Lauda 31

Lauda 32


A Golden Age

The Mirror

Part II

Double Bass Concert “Farewell to St. Petersburg” Soloist Siret Lust

Eesti Rahvusmeeskoor
Pärnu Linnaorkester
Siret Lust (solo double bass)
Conductor Mikk Üleoja

Gavin Bryars