GB Ensemble Chiswick


February 17, 2024


St Michael and All Angels Church, Bedford Park Priory Avenue London W4 1TX

A small-scale concert of chamber pieces, including some that we have seldom included before.

Lauda col legno I – Roger Heaton, solo bass clarinet

The North Shore (1994) – Morgan Goff, solo viola: ensemble

Lauda col legno II – Roger Heaton, solo bass clarinet
Hi Tremolo/The Vespertine Park (1978 revised 2022)

Lauda col legno III – Roger Heaton, solo bass clarinet

The South Downs (1995) 15’- Audrey Riley, solo cello; Gavin Bryars, piano
Allegrasco (1983) – Roger Heaton, solo clarinet; ensemble

Epilogue from Wonderlawn – Morgan Goff, solo viola; ensemble

Performers: Morgan Goff, viola; Audrey Riley, cello; Roger Heaton, clarinet; Orlanda, cello; Gavin Bryars , bass, piano.

Gavin Bryars