October 10, 2020

Recently, John Potter asked to let him have a list of the singers I’ve worked with over the years, a list that became bigger and bigger as I looked back. Here it is – with some caveats towards the end…

GB work with singers

Ronnie Dukes and Ricky Lee

Val Doonican

David Whitfield

Dusty Springfield

Alma Cogan

Kathy Kirby

Dickie Valentine

Des O’Connor

Roy Castle

Sid and Eddie (later known as Little and Large)

Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson

Vera Lynn

Ronnie Hilton

Donald McIntyre

Hildegard Behrens

Yvonne Kenny

Wilhelmina Fernandez

François Le Roux

Adelaide Hall

Hilliard Ensemble (and separately, John  Potter, David James, Gordon Jones)

Sarah Leonard

Lucy  Skeeping

Valdine Anderson

Melanie Pappenheim

Anna Maria Friman (and separately, Trio Mediaeval)

Tom Waits

Mac Cocker (Jarvis’s father)

Jarvis Cocker

Father John  Misty

Wesley Stace

Red Byrd

Orlando Consort

Singer Pur

Vox Altera

The Song Company

Eivør Pálsdottír

Runi Brattaberg

Holly Cole

Jessica Walker

Iarla O’Lionaird

Natalie Merchant

Gavin Friday

Bertrand Belin

Claron McFadden

Peyee Chen

Chris O’Gorman

Orlanda Bryars

James Cave

Hans Otto Weiss

Anja-Nina Bahrmann

Maarten Engeltjes

Anna Fraser

Alex Knight

(additional groups)

Latvian Radio Choir

Estonian National Men’s Choir

The Crossing

Les Elements

Swedish Radio Choir

(although these were in an educational context – workshops in the music department that I ran at Scraptoft – I add them anyway. I played bass in voice/bass duos)

Karin Krog

Sheila Jordan

(I count  these, but you might not)

In 1990, I recorded The Sinking of the Titanic for Crepuscule in the Chateau d’Eaux at the Printemps de Bourges Festival. Michel Duval, who ran the record company, invited me to be

musical director for performances with, separately Tiny Tim and Yma Sumac. Although these were eventually cancelled, I did have a long exchange of faxes with Tiny Tim’s management on many matters and he said that “Mr Tiny is thrilled to be working with Mr Bryars…”

Sadly, those were the days of faxes that came through on a thermal paper roll, which deteriorated rapidly and became unreadable after a short time… But I do still have the 1968 magazine that I was given on joining Tiny Tim’s fan club…


Although I didn’t actually play with Lulu, she did appear with her band when I worked at Greasborough in the mid-60s and we spoke several times. That was when she uttered the memorable words about me ”listen to him, he’s intelligent…”

There are quite a few singers who I worked with at Greasborough who I haven’t mentioned as they might not mean anything to anyone now but who were stars on that circuit: Julian George (who memorably combined The Lord’s Prayer with the song “I Believe”), Susan Lane (repertoire from Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy films), Barry Parkinson (“Barnsley’s own Sammy Davis Junior)…

Gavin Bryars