Singer Pur

The Gavin Bryars/Singer Pur I Tatti Madrigals collaboration 2009-2017

(with addition of 25th Anniversaey Concert, Munich March 2017)
Rehearsal 1 GA166287a
GB with score GA166304a
GB and David Mees in front row GA166509a
SP in concert 1 GA166523a
GB and SP in garden 1 GA166478a
GB and Kath Smythe GA166568a
musica nova 7
Munich recording
GB_trio rehearsing Synge
Kathryn and Gigi_rehearsal
Singer Pur+ in garden
Final bows_I Tatti
Words for Music_SP_GB_March 8
Choir_SP_Hilliard_GB_March 8
Gavin Bryars