Writings On Water (2003)
January 1, 2003

Documentary 50 minutes, colour, DigiBeta

© GB Productions,

2003 distributed by GB Productions, UK PO Box 6353 Leics. LE7 9YH England

Synopsis A 50-minute arts documentary detailing the solo dance ‘Writings On Water’ by the dancer/choreographer Carolyn Carlson as performed by her in Teatro Malibran, Venice, March 2002. Featuring absorbing music by Gavin Bryars, the film encompasses Carolyn Carlson’s diverse and captivating style. A short interview with Carolyn filmed in the same settings gives an insight into her unique and charismatic personality.


Produced and directed Anna Tchernakova

Camera: Rod Baker-Benfield, Dylan Moore

Location sound: Rod Baker-Benfield

Editor: Anna Tchernakova. Sound Mix: DVA studios

Production Assistant: Suzie Jackson

Researches: Suzie Jackson, Rod Baker-Benfield

Music by Gavin Bryars

Anna-Maria Friman, solo soprano ‘Lauda 2’

String orchestra conducted by Gavin Bryars (also piano)

Dance by Carolyn Carlson, performed in Teatro Malibran, Venice March 2002

The film is produced with participation of La Biennale di Venezia Fondazione, Teatro La Fenice (Italy), Blue Bear Productions University of Lincoln (England)

Produced by GB Productions PO Box 6353 Billesdon Leics. LE7 9YH England gbproductions@gavinbryars.com

Gavin’s Notes:

Writings on Water was the first of several collaborations with Carolyn Carlson, who had already used recordings of my music for other works. For the original performance it was one half of a two-part performance – the other work was by Larrio Ekson. The music begins with a recording of the first lauda I wrote (Lauda 2 ‘Laude novella’) sung by Anna Maria Friman and moves into a sequence of instrumental pieces for strings: The North Shore (directed from the piano); In Nomine; Violin Concerto (solo violin Andrea Vigani.

The piece was subsequently expanded to make a 60 minute work for solo dancer and live music with the addition of Introit, for strings

Gavin Bryars